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The Institute of Halal Investing Welcomes You

The Institute of Halal Investing works to demystify Islamic finance among both Muslims and non-Muslims by providing research on Shari'ah-compliant financial products.

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Institute of Halal Investing
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Institute of Halal Investing is working to become a world class think tank on Islamic banking, finance and investment. We provide the following opportunities for both Muslims and non-Muslims to understand this rapidly growing area of finance:

  1. A central resource that holds knowledge about Islamic banking, finance and investment;

  2. Access to world class forums on Islamic finance at major financial capitals of both the Muslim world and Western financial centers;

  3. A library that holds the latest research and white papers on Islamic banking, finance and investing;

  4. Courses and seminars on Islamic banking, finance and investment;

  5. A regularly published newsletter about Islamic banking, finance and investing.

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Is Islamic Banking Really Islamic?

An Insider's view with Harris Irfan

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Islamic finance is intended to be an alternative financial system based on the rules laid down in Islamic law, the Shari'ah, which is articulated in the Qur'an and Sunna. The industry has its roots in the post-colonial period in the 1950's, when scholars in many previously colonized and newly independent states worked to develop a new economic system, a third way between capitalism and socialism based on the assumption that Muslims will have a larger social interest in their economic interactions than non-Muslims; Read more...

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Knowledge Center

There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, and 6 million in the United States[1], yet little is known about a relatively new and rapidly growing area of finance administered in compliance with Shari'ah law. Shari'ah (Islamic) law lays down a code of ethics and conduct under which Muslims are instructed to live their lives. However, it is very difficult for Muslims to comply with the financial restrictions enunciated in the Qur'an and Sunna because the Islamic financial industry is still undeveloped or absent in many areas of the world. Read more...

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Education Resources

The main area in which Islamic finance has entered the United States is in academic institutions. Harvard University has a well-developed Islamic Finance Project (IFP) under the law school, which brings in scholars from law, economics, business and Islamic studies together to study the development of Islamic finance. Since 1997, the IFP (previously the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Project (HIFIP)) has hosted an annual conference, the University Forum on Islamic Finance, where current research in Islamic finance is presented and discussed. Since 2000, this conference occurs biennially. Read more...

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Specializing in Premium Socially Responsible & Ethical Investing, we believe in a multi-manager, multi-asset class, tactical asset allocation investment approach that strives to find the perfect balance between optimal risk and optimal return.

Amana Mutual Funds Trust

Today, a variety of Halal investment products serve the needs of Muslim investors, including the original Amana Income Fund started in 1986, the Amana Growth Fund started in 1994, and the Amana Developing World Fund started in 2009.

Islamic Inheritance & Estate Planning

Our goal is to help educate the Muslim community about their obligations to their family and help them fulfill those obligations. Estate Planning saves families heartache, pain and often, money. It is how your family stays united during difficult times, by keeping to your faith.


Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Islamic finance in Malaysia has developed into a comprehensive and sophisticated Islamic finance marketplace. Our marketplace is characterised by a robust regulatory, supervisory, Shariah and legal framework, a deep primary market and active secondary sukuk market, a diverse players and talent base with global capabilities and connectivity for business deals anywhere in the world.


Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank, is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the banking sector of Pakistan. With its Vision of establishing ‘Islamic banking as banking of first choice’ – the Bank commenced operations in 2002, after being issued the first-ever Islamic commercial banking license by the State Bank of Pakistan.


CPI Financial is committed to delivering the most relevant financial news, features and analysis to bankers and businesses throughout the Middle East and beyond. We offer the latest information through a variety of platforms including magazines, directories, e-newsletters, websites, events and contract publishing. The core philosophy of the company is transparency, ensuring accurate reporting of the current economic situation, the factors determining the future of the banking and finance community and the business deals driving the region forward.

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