Mahmoud El-Gamal

Chair of Islamic Economics, Finance and Management 
Professor of Economics and Statistics
Rice University

Papers can also be downloaded from Mahmoud El-Gamal's website at Rice University



"A Simple Fiqh-and-Economics Rationale for Mutualization in Islamic Financial Intermediation" 
• Download as .pdf, 162Kb


"Islamic Finance in the Middle East for US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing 'Money Laundering and Terror Financing Issues in the Middle East'", Testimony given July 13, 2005 
• Download as .pdf, 76Kb

"Mutuality as an Antidote to Rent-Seeking Shari`a-Arbitrage in Islamic Finance" 
• Download as .pdf, 226Kb

"A Call for Mutualization" 
• Download as .pdf, 311Kb


"An Economic Explication of the Prohibition of Gharar in Classial Islamic Jurisprudence" 
• Download as .pdf, 224Kb

"Limits and Dangers of Shari'a Arbitrage" 
• Download as .pdf, 76Kb


"An Economic Explication of the Prohibition of Riba in Classical Islamic Jurisprudence" 
• Download as .pdf, 178Kb


"A Basic Guide to Contemporary Islamic Banking and Finance" 
• Download as .pdf, 324Kb

"The Economics of 21st Century Islamic Jurisprudence" 
• Download as .pdf, 278Kb


"'Interest' and the Paradox of Contemporary Islamic Law and Finance" 
• Download as .pdf, 789 Kb