General Islamic Finance

de Lorenzo, Sheikh Yusuf. 2008. "The Total Returns Swap and the 'Shariah Convergence Technology' Stratagem"

This study will look at Islamic values in financial decision-making by considering whether or not Shariah Supervisory Boards will approve any financial product that is delivered by ostensibly halal means, even if what is delivered by those means, the end product, is derived from non-compliant investments.

Usmani, Sheikh Taqi. 2008. "Sukuk and their Contemporary Applications" (trans. Sheikh DeLorenzo).

"Investment Sukuk worth enormous amounts have appeared in our times, and have been widely subscribed to by many Islamic banks. At the same time, many scholars have expressed their opinions in relation to the compliance of Sukuk with the precepts of the Shariah. Therefore, the Shariah Council in its prior meeting at al-Madina al-Munawwarah decided to study the subject at its next annual meeting in Makkah al-Mukarramah. As the responsibility to prepare a concise report of the issues requiring further study and debate was given to me, I have therefore prepared this modest brief as a working paper for discussion of the subject at the coming meeting, Allah willing."

"Islamic Finance: Meeting Financial Needs with Faith Based Products" by: Shirley Chiu and Robin Newberger from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago,Profitwise News and Views, February 2006, pp. 8-14.
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